Belly Bump


A custom belly design for the mother to be. Celebrate the coming of your new little one into the world with henna. Perfect belly henna designs for the mother-to-be! Complete with a custom design creation, application, and post care, using our all natural, pregnancy safe products!
Belly applications take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Please schedule to have your photographer arrive 20-30 minutes after your belly bump appointment has started. 

As a tradition, henna is applied to the future mother during her pregnancy and after she has given birth. During the pregnancy, a woman has henna applied on her body as a means of celebration. During the eighth month of pregnancy, there is a traditional ceremony similar to the western baby shower. In this ceremony, the mother is rubbed with scented essential oils, She sits in a special chair while her friends and family fill her lap with fruits, sweets and a coconut. Such foods are symbols of abundance for the mother. Her body is ornamented with designs that represent health, protection and good luck for the mother and the child. This tradition is also a means to provide the woman with a social safety net within her community, so she has help from others and so she is reintegrated into society after the birth of her child.