Dying your Hair Naturally


Learn how to use natural ingredients like henna, indigo, and cassia to dye your hair naturally. This workshop will cover a variety of topics on natural hair dying, and will end with a question and answer session.

We will cover the following topics:

  • how to use henna, indigo, cassia, and amla to dye your hair
  • what henna does to your hair
  • covering your grays
  • going ginger red
  • getting darker hair tones
  • how to use indigo and henna for darker shades
  • how to mix natural hair dye ingredients
  • what quantities of herbs to use
  • how to know what ingredients to use
  • using natural hair dye herbs for conditioning treatments
  • how to efficiently apply natural hair dyes
  • why natural dying is better than chemical dying
  • frequently asked questions
More Details: 
Are you interested in getting away from chemical dyes and getting into natural dying? Did you know you can naturally dye your hair with henna, indigo, and other herbs, while strengthening your hair and getting rid of chemicals! Learn about what products are right for you, how to use natural ingredients to dye your hair, and how to start dying your hair naturally.  

We will show you how to mix the ingredients for natural hair dying. You will be able to purchase all your ingredients at the workshop and will have the chance to get all your questions answered. 
This workshop is for individual interested in learning how to use natural ingredients to dy their hair, pregnant or trying to get pregnant women who want to remove chemicals from their lives, individuals with sensitive skin or previous allergic reactions to chemical dyes, for mothers who don't want their teens to dye their hair with chemical dyes, and for individuals who just want to learn more about natural dying. 
The workshop will be lead by one of our natural hair care specialists who will be able to guide you in the right direction for ingredients, products, applications, recipes, and will be able to answer all your questions. The workshop includes a selection of hot teas and water, and some sweet treats. You will have the chance to purchase your ingredients after the workshop and ask any questions you may have. All workshop attendees will also get a discount on your future purchases.