WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHT - Natural Hair Consultation

Natural Hair Consultation

Speak with a natural hair specialist to find out what products are right for you to repair, condition, dye, and maintain your hair's health and natural shine! 

During each consultation session we will determine the issues and challenges with your hair, tell you about the products that can help solve these issues, and recommend what products and quantities would be best for you.  

We will cover the following in each consultation:
  • issues with your hair
  • your hair type
  • what your hair needs
  • what you would like your to be like
  • products that will solve your hair issues
  • instruction on how to use natural hair products
  • how to prepare and test a product of your choice
  • quantities you will need for your natural hair care plan

Natural Hair Consultations are best for those individuals with the following hair concerns
  • Chemically dyed hair
  • Curly and frazzled hair
  • Dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Dry, damaged hair
  • Flat and dull hair
  • Frizzy, out of control hair
  • Graying hair
  • Weak, brittle hair
  • No current concerns, but just want to start using naturalhair care products.