Cello cones


Pre-rolled printed cello cones for medium sized henna cones. (approximately 25 grams each)
Each cone is hand rolled by hand, and taped, so it is ready to use! You don't have to fuss with cellophane paper/plastic and tape. Some cones still have a pin inside. Please be aware and remove before filling with henna paste. Just squeeze your henna paste into these pre-rolled cones, tape or use rubber bands to close the tops, and squeeze away! The durable cellophane plastic makes a sturdy cone. The cello cone is soft to use and easier on the hands as compared to using squeeze bottles or syringes. Sturdy cellophane is easy to use on the hands, but keeps its shape after many uses.Please recycle.

  • hand rolled with pin closure
  • durable cellophane material
  • approximately 6-7 inches long
  • medium size cone
  • can hold approximately 25 g (1 ounce) of henna paste
  • ready to fill and use
  • fill using carrot bag or squeeze bottle
  • cellophane material holds shape for intricate designs
  • can cut hole to make tip larger
  • order as many as you want
  • avoid troublesome cone rolling
  • ships flat in bubble mailer
While we try our best to keep the size and shape of the cone consistent, please be aware that these cones will vary slightly from one another because they are hand made. Color and print of cellophane may vary. Some of the design on the cellophane may disappear due to citric or essential oil content in the henna paste. This does not effect the henna staining process.