Cosmetic glitter powder in 1/2 ounce squeeze bottle. Just squeeze the bottle and watch the dry glitter powder "poof" itself onto the wet henna design. 
  • Great for children
  • Bottles last a long time
  • Each bottle has enough glitter to cover approximately 75 small designs
  • 1/2 ounce poof bottles
  • small size for easy application
  • over 10 colours to choose from
  • cosmetic glitter  

Our glitter poof bottles are used at festivals and parties. The quality of the bottles is really strong, so you can re-use them for a few years! When applied to wet henna paste, the glitter sticks on. We recommend cleaning the skin with alcohol before applying henna in order to remove any oils, lotions, and dirt from the skin. 

You can add a few colours to any design. The glitter sparkles and shines so it attracts the attention of others at a large event setting. You can also colour coordinate the glitter colours for a corporate event (brand colours) or a wedding party (theme colours).  

Glitter poof bottles are great for children because they tend to leave the henna paste on the skin for longer if there is glitter on it. Longer henna on the skin means a darker stain, so parents are happy that their money is well spent!  

We now offer 2 glitter packs with 8 glitters each. Please review which pack you would like to purchase.

Glitter Pack ONE
  • Bronze-a beautiful brown sparkle
  • Copper Penny-although Canada no longer has pennies, there is no reason you can't enjoy wearing the colour!
  • Emerald Green-Just like the precious stone
  • Fuschia--a little on the purple pink side of fun
  • Gold--brilliant gold for the bling bling in your design
  • Jet Black--this glitter is surprisingly a favourite at festivals and events
  • Light Green-Almost like the centre of a kiwi
  • Navy Blue-a blue that is dark but not too dark

Glitter Pack TWO
  • Pink-a rose pink for a flirty fun touch
  • Purple--just like the grape soda colour
  • Red--the red like a firetruck or the Canadian Flag--a must have for Canada Day
  • Royal Blue--take a look at the photo, it's more of a turquoise blue
  • Silver--bright and shiny silver like chrome
  • Turquoise--also known as ocean spray depending on what tropical paradise you are in
  • White--a pretty holographic white that is simple and elegant. A must have for the indecisive person
  • Yellow--as bright as a fresh picked lemon