PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - Mehndi Essential Oil

Mehndi Oil

Today, we are featuring a product from our ESSENTIAL OILS LINE. Today, you will learn all about Mehndi Essential Oil. Our product highlight will give you more information about each essential oil that we carry. Essential oils are used with henna body art to help darken the henna stain. When using essential oils with making henna paste, look for oils with high levels of monoterpene, which is a chemical composition in the essential oil. Also, be sure to check out our recipes for making henna body art here:


30 mL Mehndi Oil--a handmade blend of perfect proportions of tea tree, cajeput, and niaouli essential oils. 
  • 30 mL bottle
  • ready to use
  • steam distilled essential oil
  • AAA Australian sourced tea tree oil
  • cajeput essential oil from Indonesia
  • Naiouli essential oil from Madagascar
  • contains no additives or preservatives
  • measured to be used with 100 grams henna powder
  • beautiful packaging
  • safety seal 
  • dropper top
  • dark, amber, glass bottle

We have measured out each drop of our special oil blend to make sure your henna paste ends up just as dark as ours. The Mehndi Oil blend eliminates the guesswork when you are making your own henna paste. We have mixed the oils for your so all you do is add the measured amount to your henna paste, and wait for the dye release. Using oils that are high in terpeneol levels, we have made sure our Mehndi Oil blend of 100% essential oils is right every time to give you a dark stain! 

Aromatic Scent: Strong herbaceous scent with soft woody undertones, with a hint of floral citrus.
Mix with henna powder for body art to help your henna release dye, or use for aromatherapy. Each 30 mL bottle is meant to be used with 100 grams henna powder. Dropper top helps you control the amount of essential oil in your recipe. Mix the essential oil with your henna powder for a darker, and natural henna stain. Our essential oils are for external use only. Please contact us to request the MSDS of this product. Please use caution if pregnant, using on children, or using on women who are pregnant or nursing. Please consult a healthcare professional with questions.  
We recommend using about 10-15 mL of essential oil for every 50 grams of henna