Pretty packaging vs sustainable packaging

Which one are you a fan of?  Would you rather have a pretty box for your shipment (and probably pay a premium for that said box), or would you rather have a sustainable way of shipment.  Yes the sustainable packaging is probably a little ugly--it's probably simple corrugated cardboard box, with stuffed up newspaper or recycled paper for packing.  

We opt for the second option of sustainable packing.  With sustainable, recyclable packaging, we are helping reduce our carbon footprint.  A corrugated cardboard box is recyclable in the blue bin, or up-cyclable.  A cardboard box can be used again to ship out another package, or to store items in the garage.  A cardboard box can also be wrapped up and used a building blocks for kids or drawn on and used as small buildings in a toddler's world.  If you are looking for more ideas on upcylcing your cardboard box, check out :  DIYnThings' post on 35 ways to recycle

Yes, a pretty box is so cool to open and do a reveal on Instagram, but is it really worth it?  We cannot turn a blind eye to the big problem of packaging. So at Henna Art, we really respect our core values--to find sustainable and locally sourced products and ingredients to make available to our customers.  That includes everything, from the shipping boxes to the actual product.  So yes, while other henna competitors can package your henna cones in a printed Dollarama box, which was probably never intended to be sustainably sourced and contains hundreds of pollutants in the making of the box, we will stick to 100% recyclable, flat and ugly corrugated packaging.  And every once in a while, maybe you will see a piece of henna doodle or a pretty mandala sticker on the box.