How to Dye Your Hair with Henna

How To Dye Your Hair with Henna

When dying your hair with henna you need to plan accordingly as it is a longer process than just going to the salon and getting your hair chemically dyed. It can take upwards of 12 hours plus so plan as such.

Let’s get started! Always be sure to prepare your henna hair dye paste according to the instructions you were given, this is very important as you do not want to mess the process up or it could be disastrous for your hair. It is recommended for the mixing of the product to use a non-metal bowl such as ceramic or glass. But, if you need to use metal make sure it is stainless steel.

Once you have mixed all your ingredients together according to the instructions and have the paste in hand it is now time to let it sit. It is recommended to let the paste sit covered in plastic wrap for at least 12 hours so that it can cure, allowing the henna dye to be released. The paste will typically turn from a greenish color to a darker red/brown when ready; this is also dependent on what color you are coloring your hair.

After you have cured your henna paste for the allotted time it is now time to get ready to color. It is recommended that you wear dark colored clothing and to put a towel over your shoulder to catch the falling paste. Apply oil to your hair line, neck and ears to prevent staining. And always wear gloves.

Before applying the dye section you hair out. This will help you to massage the paste into your hair resulting in a more even color. Making sure your hair is clean and dry will also help in the dying process.

 Once you have covered all your hair in the paste and massaged it into the roots it is now time to wrap and sit. This means wrapping your hair up in a shower cap to keep warm and moist and leave it on for 1-4 hours; depending on instructions given and how deep and rich you want your color. Please note that it is recommended to start lighter and go darker with your henna hair dye because you cannot go lighter once you’ve gone dark.

When the wait time is up be sure to rinse your hair with water thoroughly and wait at least 24 hours before shampooing your hair to help the henna oxidize. The full color will come out within 72 hours, so be patient. If the color is not quite what you were looking for or you want a richer red wait 3 days before starting the process again.

Since this can be a bit of a longer process it is suggested that you either make the paste before bed and dye your hair in the morning, or, make the paste in the morning and dye before bed. This way the paste has enough time to cure and you have enough time to dye and let it sit.