What is Henna Hair Dye?


What is Henna Hair Dye???

Henna for hair dye? Who knew? But yes it is true and is an amazing natural way to dye your hair.

Henna hair dye is made from a flowering plant called lawsonia inermis. This plant grows in hot and dry climates, like those in southeast Asia. The leaves of the lawsonia inermis are then harvested, dried and ground up into powder to create and use in henna products.

This natural hair dye bonds with the hair, unlike chemically dyed hair which coats the hair. It conditions the hair and scalp creating a richness to the hair. Being all natural henna hair dye has no added chemicals or additives and does not have any irritating ingredients such as perfume or parabens.

Henna hair dye stimulates the scalp and hair follicles to increase hair growth, strength and thickness, while also improving hydration, softness and shine. It works with all hair types and lasts 4-6 weeks; just like chemical hair dye and the grow out process is more even and roots are not as noticeable as compared to chemically treated hair.

Henna hair dye is a reddish-orange color, however, it can be made into darker colors by adding indigo henna to the mix. You can create a variety of intense colors using henna hair dye ranging from a beautiful strawberry blond to an intoxicating shiny black. Choose your color and have fun, but also remember to pick a product that is all natural without any additives and follow the instructions closely for best results.

Happy henna hair dying!!