Designs/Concepts not Culturally Appropriate in Henna Culture


The henna culture is strong and pure. Dating back thousands of years. With the introduction of it to western culture henna art has taken a turn and not necessarily for the best. Because of the temporary nature of henna art it has been used for temporary tattoo art and thus certain designs and concepts can be seen as culturally inappropriate.

The follow are some of the more controversial uses of and design concepts that have been used in henna art:

  • Western culture designs

  • Other cultural designs such as Native American designs

  • Skulls

  • Comics

  • Placement of the said design

  • Used for fashion as an accessory or jewelry on models

  • Test for permanent tattoo

  • Words especially those that are inappropriate

  • Religious symbols

There are of course a lot that can be added to this list, unfortunately. The list will keep growing and growing. It is important to remain true to the henna culture and practice appropriate henna designs.