How to Make the Perfect Henna Paste

Making henna paste is not an easy 1, 2, 3 task. It takes time and patience to master the skill and art of making it. Here is a guide to help you along your henna paste masking journey.

Step #1: Get all your ingredients together

It is important before you start to gather all your ingredients together to ensure you, first of all, have them all and second to ensure you have enough of each item. You do not want to start making the paste only to realize you are out of sugar or don’t have enough lemon juice.

Step #2: Start Mixing

In a glass or stainless steel mixing bowl mix the dry ingredients together. Make sure they are mixed well before you begin to add your liquid. Add liquid slowly as you mix together to ensure the mixture is not too runny. Side note: be sure to use either lemon juice or water, not both to your mixture. Once your mixture is mixed thoroughly and a paste as formed it is time to add in the essential oils. Mix well to ensure the essential oils are mixed well throughout the paste.

Step #3: Let it Sit

Once everything is mixed it is time to let it sit or rest. Leave the mixture in the bowl and cover with plastic wrap. If using water let the mixture sit for 1-3 hours. If using lemon juice let the mixture sit for 12-24 hours. Letting the mixture rest is important for letting the natural dye release into the mixture so that when it is put onto the skin it will stain the bright vibrant color you want.

Step #4: Set Up and Henna Art Time

Now that the mixture has rested for the allotted time it is now time to get going and start your henna artwork! Put the mixture into a carrot bag this will help with putting it into bottles or cones. Fill up your desired container with the paste from the carrot bag. Close the container and henna away. Be sure to freeze any unused henna paste as it will keep in the freezer for quite a while.

Be sure to follow the instructions on how much of each ingredient you need to make your henna paste. Consistency is key and not following the instructions on the ingredient amounts could ruin your henna paste. Happy henna art!