It's in the Gel

It's all in the gel, Jagua Gel that is.

Have you ever wanted to know how we make our jagua gel? Well now's the time! We are giving you a recipe for you to try at home! Ingredients can be found on our website

Jagua Gel Recipe

300mL jagua juice
15mL lavender essential oil
5g xanthum gum

Put all ingredients into a glass bowl and mix well with a spoon. It will take awhile for the gel to form, 30 minutes or so, so take you time mixing and resting the ingredients. Be patient!

Once the gel has formed place into a carrot bag and either put into squeeze bottles or cones, 1/2oz in squeeze bottles or 15g in cones. Freeze once done.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just to tell us how much you love this recipe. Thanks and happy mixing!!