Organic Hair Dye, Why You Should Use It.


4 Reasons Why You Should Use Organic Hair Dye

Organic hair dye is nothing new. It has been used for years upon years upon years. Centuries for that matter, but we got away from it because there was always something newer on the market. Though newer doesn't always mean better. So why should you consider using organic natural hair dye instead of the chemical brand? Here are 4 reasons why you should consider switching:

1. Has a variety of natural colors: Henna is not just the red color you see, though yes typically henna paste turns to a reddish color once applied, but there are many ways that you can change the color of henna naturally to make a variety of colors. The colors range from a light strawberry blonde all the to a rich black.

2. It is a permanent hair dye: Henna hair dye is permanent lasting between 4-6 weeks. The color will not fade like the chemical hair dyes, will remain strong and vibrant and will fade naturally like your own hair does. 

3. The process is better for the hair and skin: Henna hair dye actually bonds with the hair unlike chemical hair dye which just coats the hair. Henna hair dye actually helps to soothe the scalp and hair creating a bond with the hair for a more natural look and grow out process. The natural components in henna hair dye helps to nourish, hydrate and improve the overall wellbeing of the hair and scalp. With no harsh chemicals it is actually a wonderful way to dye your hair.

4. Actually good for your hair: Yes henna hair dye is actually good for your hair. It helps to nourish and strengthen your hair why the chemical hair dye actually strips your hair of virtual oils. It helps to restore the pH balance in your hair thus helping it to look shinier and be stronger. It also help the scalp too by restoring all of these important oils to the hair and scalp instead of stripping it thus helping it to grow stronger and healthier.

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Happy Hair Dying.