10 Natural Hair Dye Myths


Ever wondered the truth about henna hair dying? Have you asked yourself these questions: is it good for my hair? How long does it last? Does it cover grey? Is the color natural looking? Will it make my hair fall out? There are so many questions that swirl around when the topic of natural henna hair dye comes up. So let's take a look at the top 10 common natural hair dye myths and break then down.

Myth #1: Natural hair dye doesn't last long. This is a false accusation. Henna hair dye or natural hair dying last just as long as chemically dyed hair which is 4-6 weeks. The natural hair dye last just as long and stays vibrant eventually fading nicely into your hair.

Myth #2: Natural hair dye doesn't cover grey. This is not true. Natural hair dye covers grey nicely. Natural hair dye actually helps grey hair by strengthening and softening those course hairs covering them with a natural hair dye color.

Myth #3: Natural hair dye will dye my hair in patchy color. If done correctly natural hair dye can look natural and cover the whole head of hair in a beautiful color. Just like with chemically dyed hair if done incorrectly it can look patchy in color, but if done correctly it will look beautiful. The main point to take away here is to make sure you use enough product to cover your hair fully thus creating even color tone and not patchy areas.

Myth #4: Natural hair dye will ruin my hair causing it to fall out. Natural hair dye actually strengthens you hair giving you lush healthy locks. It strengthens the hair from the root to the tip giving your hair a stronger healthy glow, helping to heal follicle damage from the inside out. Your hair will not fall out from naturally dying your hair, each person actually loses about 50-100 hair per day, it will actually help to strengthen your hair causing less breakage and hair loss over time.

Myth #5: Natural hair dye color is unnatural looking. If the dying process is done correctly your hair color will come out a beautiful shade and will be strong and vibrant in color. When the henna powders are mixed properly together your color will look very natural and will last just as long as chemically treated hair. Though it should be noted that a blond color cannot be achieved through natural hair dying.

Myth #6: Natural hair dying will cause my hair to become oily and gross. The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes because it causes your hair and scalp nourish itself over time thus releasing the natural oils from your scalp that help strengthen the hair. No because if done regularly your hair will become used to the benefits of the natural hair dying process and your scalp and hair will become used to the oil production.

Myth #7: Natural hair dying is just plain bad for my hair. This is not true. Natural hair dye is great for your hair because it binds with keratin in your hair creating stronger healthier hair over time. My dying your hair naturally you hair will not only become stronger and healthier but it will also become thicker, less dull and dry and you will notice less breakage. So in reality naturally dying your hair is quite good for your hair!

Myth #8: Naturally dying my hair will make it brittle or coarse and straw-like. Naturally dying your hair will strengthen the hair from the root to the tip which will cause it to become less brittle which will cause less breakage. Natural hair dying actually causes hair to become softer and smoother making it less coarse and straw-like over time unlike chemically dying your hair will can make your hair more brittle, more coarse and, yes, more straw-like.

Myth #9: Natural hair dye only comes in the color red. This is all wrong. Yes red is a natural hair dye color but you can also get from a strawberry blondish color all the way to black and everything in between. The color is rich and lasts. But pleases note that you should also start lighter and go darker with natural dye as once you go dark there is not way of lightening it.

Myth #10: Natural hair dye cannot dye chemically treated hair. This is false, but only if you are using 100% natural and organic henna powder, because if there are additives in the powder it could cause the hair to turn green. So ensure you are using proper henna powder for hair dying. It can be hard to dye chemically treated hair as it might take a few application because of the chemicals in the hair already but once it is done and done properly you hair will love it and so will you!

I hope this has helped you understand the the benefits of using natural hair dye for your hair dying needs. Natural hair dye is great for any type of hair and your hair and scalp will thank you in the end! Happy hair dying!