Wedding Season is Around the Corner


It is hard to believe but, yes wedding season is right around the corner. So that means it is time to start thinking about your bridal henna designs and booking an appointment!!

The big day can be scary enough with all of the preparation that goes into it but you bridal henna should be stress and worry-free because you henna artist should take away all of the guess work for you. They should make it as easy as possible for you so that you can just sit and relax during your application process. So here are some tips and tricks to consider prior to booking your henna artist for the Big Day!!

Tip #1: Book well in advance. As with anything wedding related it is important to book in advance to ensure you get your spot! The same is true with your henna artist. Book your henna artist at least 3 months in advance so you can ensure you can have a proper consultation with them prior to the actual date needed for the art.

Tip #2: Consultation. Your consultation is so important as this where you discuss your wants, needs and desires to the henna artist. You can go over designs and talk about anything you need related to your henna art design for the Big Day. Whether it is virtually or in-person be sure you have a consultation at least 3 month prior to your wedding, as this will ensure both you and your henna artist are on the same page when it comes to your wedding art.

Tip #3: Getting the art done. When getting your art done remember that it takes time for the henna art to reach its peak stain, which is about 48 hours after application. So remember that you should get your henna art for your wedding done at least 2 days prior to the event. This will ensure that your henna art is at its finest and brightest! Also remember that it will take 3-5 hours to complete depending on the design and how in-depth it is. It is best to bring someone with you if you are going to your henna artist so they can drive you home afterwards, however, discuss with you artist what they feel comfortable with as the artist may also come to you. You will need to let the henna sit on your skin. Talk to your henna artist about how long it should stay on the skin as well as aftercare to ensure your bridal art does not get ruined before the event.

Tip #4: Book your party well in advance. If you are wanting to have a bridal henna party for your wedding be sure to also book this well in advance as it takes time to complete multiple designs on multiple people. Talk with your henna artist about this and see what can be done so not only you, but your party and artist are happy and comfortable with the arrangements.

Tip #5: Enjoy yourself! Yes please enjoy yourself. This is a big day and we want to you be happy. Your henna artist is helping to bring to life your bridal henna art dreams. Talk with them if you have questions or concerns. But most of all enjoy yourself. This is your Big Day so relax and enjoy!