Mistakes I Made and I Hope You Don't Repeat!! Part #1

You'll want to save this one for later. It's just so you don't make the same mistakes like I did.

1-My first biggest mistake I didn't have a henna supplier. I didn't figure out which reputable supplier I could source my henna powder and essential oils from. This left me in a bind lots of times when I didn't have any powder or essential oils to work with to make my own henna paste. I learned to find a supplier very quick the hard way. And then eventually I became a supplier myself because of how difficult it was for me to find products to make natural henna paste.

2- I was constantly underpricing my work. In my younger henna artist days I thought if I kept my price is cheap that would be equivalent to getting lots of clients. I end up getting lots of clients, but then I ended up also overworking myself. Quality of my clients was not what I wanted it to be. Because I was under pricing my work, I was subliminally letting people know that they could expect a whole lot more from me. Once I started to realize this and started charging what I deserve to be paid, all those clients that I thought we're going to stay loyal just went to another artist to underpriced their work. Lesson learned.

3- when I was a beginner henna artist I didn't focus on establishing my own style. Instead I would just go towards what was trending and try to replicate that style. This is great for smaller parties and wedding events, but it didn't let me hone in on my skills and my own specialty. It wasn't until much recently when I figured out what my style is for henna body art. This I feel like was the biggest mistake of them all. The reason is because I ended up doing designs I didn't even like and then lost my love for henna that was. It was only recently when I decided to hone in on the elements, motifs and layouts that I really liked... And I now enjoy doing henna. And as far as clients are concerned, I will occasionally still do the super trending henna design or the viral design that everybody wants to get, but I let my clients know that it's going to have my own twists and style to it. I don't like replicating anybody else's work, but I seek inspiration from some of the amazing artists out there.

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