Mistakes I Made that I Hope You Don't Repeat. Part #2

Part 2 in the mistakes I made as a newbie artist. The gift that keeps on giving!!

 4- I didn't practice everyday. I spent a lot of time practicing but not quite enough. I would have sports if practice where I would spend hours practicing a certain design Motif for style. But I think that if I had spent 20 minutes to half hour every day practicing my art, I would have learned some of my application techniques a lot quicker. My biggest challenge for practicing was getting layouts on the hands and arms proper. Mirrored designs have always been a challenge for me, and if I had practiced mirroring designs earlier on in my career, it would have been much easier during my Bridal henna applications. I learned this lesson the hard way too. It wasn't until 2014 that I decided that in order for me to absolutely love and be great at the art of henna, I need to practice and be indulged in it every single day. And now several years later, I am still indulged in this ancient art form, and loving it every minute!

5-I didn't use social media to self promote. Is it something that I still struggle with to this day. I've never really been a huge fan of social media, as I think that it should be a portal where you share what you want to share not necessarily share to self-promote. But this is the way the world has turned. And so we all use social media to self promote our small businesses, Artistic Endeavors, and whatever we are up to. I do think that if I had used social media earlier on to self promote, I would probably have a lot more followers than I do right now. But again followers and number of likes is never been a big deal for me.

What are some of your mistakes that you have challenges with? Is there anything you struggle with as a beginner henna artist?
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