4 Reasons You Need to Use Organic Hair Dye


There are a lot of reasons why people of every age dye their hair. Sometimes people do it for self-care, sometimes people do it adopt a new look, and sometimes people do it because they're following a trend. Whatever the reason is that people dye their hair their options available for hair dying. Here are four reasons why you should consider using a natural and organic hair dyeing products to dye your hair.

1- herbal and organic hair dye does not damage the hair cuticle. The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair shaft, which is what protects the cortex (centre of the hair shaft) from harm. When the cuticle is damaged by chemicals or physical trauma, the cortex is exposed and open to damage. Chemical dyes first remove pigment from the hair by breaking the cuticle of the hair shaft, there by damaging the hair.

2-organic dyes create unique and subtle changes. They do not make flat, drastic changes to your natural hair colour. Henna, indigo and cassia blends tend to grab lighter pigmented and non pigmented hairs to create a soft change in hair tone and highlights. They help brighten and enhance natural hair colour.

3-herbal dyes need fewer repeated applications. Herbal dye mixes, when used repeatedly, are more permanent than you would think. They take longer to wash out or lighten than chemical dyes, between 4-6 weeks between applications (or even as long as 9 weeks depending on hair growth)

4-herbal dyes can be applied as frequently and as long as you want. Since they are herbal, there is no time limit for how long the herbal muds should be kept in the hair. You can apply a henndigo mix very day if you wish for several hours. Unlike chemical dyes which have certain chemicals that limit the exposure to the hair, natural dyes have a slower process of binding to proteins in the hair. What's more to self love than slowing down and enjoying the process. 

If these tips aren't enough to convince you to start using natural hair dye products, book a free natural hair dye consultation with us to get more answers to your questions.