Henna Brow Questions Answered - Part 1

You might have questions about our newest eyebrow henna product and we are here to help answer all of your questions. This guide is a way to ensure that any questions, uncertainties, or simple advice that you are seeking about dying your eyebrows with henna, are answered. So let's start!

How many applications can I get out of one small jar?
The number of applications depends on your expertise with brow henna application, the thickness of your eyebrows, and any accidental spills that may occur with your brow henna paste. Generally, we have seen that you can get about 2 to 4 applications from each small, 5ml, jar. You can certainly get way more, if you are proficient at applying brow henna, your eyebrows are thin, or you are touching up your brows.

How does the brow henna paste work?
The brow henna paste is a ready-to-use henna eyebrow product. You simply unscrew the cap of the jar, stir the ingredients inside with a brush or a cotton swab, and carefully apply the paste in the shape that you want to your eyebrows. The brow henna paste gets left on your skin for 30 to 90 minutes. You then wipe away the brow henna paste with a wet paper towel or moist cotton cloth. You might not see anything at first, but after 24 hours you will see the stain of your brow henna paste. This is because the ingredients in our completely organic and natural brow henna need 24 hours to oxidize completely. Don't be alarmed if at first you see more of a reddish orange stain, instead of a browner or darker stain. That's because again, the product needs to oxidize, and needs about 24 hours to reach its full stain.

Will the brow henna stain my clothes or sheets?
When the brow henna is wet, it can stain clothing and upholstery. But once the brow henna is dry, and washed off of your skin, it will not stain anywhere else. Eyebrow henna is completely natural and organic, and is unlike any of those harsh chemical brow products available in the market. Also, keep in mind, that once the stain is on your skin, it will not smear or transfer onto anything else. The brow henna stain will lighten over time, slowly and gradually, so your eyebrows don't look weird.