Why It Is Important to Keep Practicing your Henna Techniques.

You may be wondering why it is so important keep practicing your henna techniques year round? Well the perfect and only reason is to make sure your artistry does not look bad. Yes you read that correctly. Practice does make perfect and practicing often will help you hone your technique. You don't want to send that bride down the aisle with questionable henna artistry, now do you?? 

Practicing on yourself, others or a template helps you to perfect your skills and using proper designs also help you to keep the history of henna alive. There is a long history that henna has and you want to ensure the techniques and designs remain true to the nature of the story. Yes each person has their own style, but in the end the story behind the design should remain the same! Just as each person is different from one another so are the designs of artist, just like a fingerprint, similar but different.

So if you love henna and want to try your hand it or want to practice some more to perfect your skills and style then doing drills is for you. Having an acrylic hand template on hand along with practice henna cones will help you to practice with little worry about messing up on your or someone else's skin before you have it perfected! I know it is hard to practice every day but once a week or a few times a month will help you to hone your skills and perfect your technique. It will take some time to get it right so be patient and kind to yourself! It is a learning process and it takes time, just as everything else does! So why is it so important to practice as often as you can? The more your practice the more muscle memory you will create and the better you are able to control the flow of the henna paste out of the cone.

A good way to practice is to practice on an acrylic hand template with practice cones while using one of our e-books such as The Complete Mehndi Look Book. These e-books and supplies help you to practice without the pressure of mistakes on ones skin.

The Complete Mehndi Look Book comes with lots of different shapes, designs and techniques to practice your skills on your own at your own pace and is great for any level of artistry. Practice, practice, practice!! Besides who knows what will happen, you might start with simple practice and end up designing and finding your own style!

Happy Henna-ing!!