Henna Art Sleeves - Roses and Vines

Henna art sleeves come in many different shapes and forms, but in this blog post we are going to focus on the beautiful and intricate roses and vines that can be done to complete or center around a henna art sleeve.

Though floral henna is very popular so are roses and vines. Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers naturally in nature with all of it layered petals and shading. Though hard to do once mastered they truly are a very beautiful henna art piece.  

Vines on the other hand are less complicated but can be just as fun to do as they add to or enhance a henna art design. They can take up a large area of skin but also provide white space to not make it overwhelming on the skin. For more practice on vines see our Drills Volume 2 e-book in the online Henna Art store.

As you can see, through the following pictures, just how beautiful it truly can be. Each of the roses was placed on various parts of the arm with the vine connecting them. Once the main artwork was done the artist went back to fill in all of the details and do shading. This sleeve is beautiful on its own accord but the intricacy is amazing.

Give us your thoughts on this design. Share with us your henna art sleeves.

Happy henna-ing!