Henna Drills Volume 2

 Last week we talked a little bit about why it is important to practice henna art often and introduced you to the Henna Drills e-book. Further expanding on that is the Henna Drills e-book volume 2. While Volume 1 of the henna drills book contained over 80 drills and 18 different motifs and shapes to practice with, volume 2 contains detailed work focusing on vines along with other motifs and shapes to practice with.

These e-books are great and easy to print off and laminate or your can practice right on an acrylic hand template to perfect your application technique.

In volume 1 you start with basics such as dots, lines and scallops. After that you move onto swirls, leaves, buds, paisleys and flowers. All of these designs and techniques help to build on your muscle memory and practicing right over top of the design help you to build on that, while practicing on an acrylic hand template helps you to gain control of you hand and designs without the help of a stencil.

In volume 2 of the henna drills we focus on vines, leaves, buds and sprouts. It also contains other designs and motifs to practice your technique and pressure needed to complete the designs properly on the skin.

Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice the better you will become at henna and these drills, both Volume 1 and Volume 2 will help you to become the best henna artist you can become! Have fun with it, this is not a chore but a fun activity you can do.

Happy henna-ing!!