Henna Drills

 Practicing henna as often as possible is important to keep up your muscle memory along with technique and skills of henna design. But how do you do it often when you have no skin to practice on and paper and pen does not give you the right feel as henna on skin does? A great way to practice often is to get practice henna cones along with an acrylic hand template to practice on.

But what do you practice and how do you practice? The best bet there is to practice your simple skills such as those found in our drills e-books, or designs in our complete mehndi look book. Henna art has a variety of e-books ready for purchase to help you practice or to help you create designs on skin; to provide help and inspiration.

Each e-book has a variety of designs to help you hone and practice your skills on a daily or weekly basis. With lots of drills and techniques along with designs these e-books will become your best friends. A little goes a long way with practicing. It might even give you creative expression to express yourself with your own creative designs! Give it a try!

Happy henna-ing!!