Summer Fun


It's August. The summer is half over. Sigh. But there is still at least a month left of great weather!! So let's get out and enjoy it! I don't want summer to be over just yet. I want to bask in the sunlight. The long days. And the giggles of children playing outside.

This summer again has been a little different for us here at Henna Art. Normally we'd be at all the festivals in the city of Edmonton and surrounding areas doing what we do best, henna art! But this year again we felt it was not the right time for us to get back out there for the safety and concern of our loved ones. We have been focusing on our online services and sales. We enjoy conversing with all of you all and love sending the henna love out to you when you order! But we do miss all of your friendly faces and honing in on our henna art techniques. We miss the stories and inspirations you give to us. Let's hope and pray that we can get back at things next year and bring Henna Art back to the festival world!

Though with all of that the summer has been great for us at Henna Art. Taking in the summer heat, summer fun with the kids and summer holidays. Now getting ready to, unfortunately, get ready to get back to work and school as normal. So get out and enjoy the sun fellow henna artist. It won't last long!

Happy henna-ing