Travels to Bali and the Gili Islands

This past March, I embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Bali and the Gili islands in Indonesia. It was an eye-opening cultural experience and an adventure where I pushed my fears and limits and dove straight into the waters - literally. Learning how to swim in a day and learning how to dive in three days, was definitely a challenge but there is something exhilarating about being in the depths of the ocean. A discovery of the precious beauty, fragility, and treasure it holds. A solemn reflection and reminder of how we are all  connected on this planet as much on land as in our ocean waters.

In Bali, I was fortunate enough to have met some inspiring individuals who founded a non-profit organization in 2010 - Coral Guardian. An organization founded by marine biologist, Martin and marketing and business major, William. Through their chance encounter and shared passion to expose the truths of the threatened ocean conditions, Coral Guardian originally begins as an awareness project with the focus on marine
conservation. Coral Guardian is dedicated to conserving, restoring and protecting damaged coral reef ecosystems in south Bali. They are committed to their cause through coral planting, reef building and awareness programs to educate local communities and tourists, and aquaculture research of ornamental fish and invertebrate to reduce wild sampling in the oceans.

Coral Guardians rehabilitation program involves: site assessment, coral cultivation, artificial reef design and immersion, coral transplantation, biodiversity monitoring and educational programming. They protect and repopulate damaged reef areas through techniques such as transplanting. Corals grow on local culture tables. Cuttings are then transplanted to an artificial reef made from a neutral substrate that has been optimized for coral growth and marine biodiversity development.

Coral Guardian Sanctuary from Coral Guardian on Vimeo.

You can support Coral Guardian by liking their Facebook Page, becoming a sponsor or donator, and/or Adopting a Coral for US $30.00, and they will plant it on a damaged reef area.

I have always had a fascination with the ocean, watching Blue Planet, The Cove, Shark Water and numerous other documentaries I can get my hands on. I was always aware of the threats to our ocean ecosystems, specifically the coral reefs. So… when I found out about Coral Guardian, I was inspired and adamant to support and spread the word about them. Living with nature and making the right decisions that impact the world are so important in my life even if its small steps towards making a difference. We may not think about it too often as we get caught up in our busy lives and forget how our actions impact everything and that our actions have consequences. I can only hope that people will want to educate themselves and see beyond. After all, the oceans do cover 71 percent of the earth surface.  More about Why Coral Reefs?


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