It's all about the connections

One part of doing large, traditional henna pieces is coming up with a way to connect two designs.  At first, when I would do bridal designs, or larger pieces, I would always feel that my designs had a disconnect somewhere.  Little did I realize at that time, that I literally had a dis-connection in my design.  After realizing that the henna can be connected, I started to implement swirls, vines and leafy designs.  These little bands of delicacy helped me effortlessly connect two sides of a design.  As you can see from the photo below, all I did was connect the two sides of the bridal arms with rows of leafy bands.  This made the bridal henna design seem incredibly full without it being too full.  

In this scenario, I connected the back of the leg, my favorite element of the peacock feather, towards the front of the leg.  The peacock feather was a great little add on that the bride had requested as her own personal touch.  As you can see from the photo, the front of the leg design is very Indo-Arabic and traditional bridal design.  So these little connectors helped me take two totally different elements and put them together in one piece.

Finally, I like using the vine connectors to juxtaposition a certain part of the design.  As you can see on the Toms, these little connectors helped me join the front-side of the shoe to the back.  It created a bold design for the side of the shoe.  But when I was finishing it up, I realized that the side of the shoe looked a little empty, so I went back to fill in the little line dot details.  Don’t forget to read up my previous blog poston the Toms.

Well, that’s all for connections today.  What type of connections do you make?