This one is one of my favorites from last year.  This is the bridal feet photo, taken beautifully by Zaheer or Z-Molu Photography.  The bride was Andrea, and you can read more about Andrea's Edmonton bridal henna and Ismaili wedding, and see more photos from the previous blog post here:  Andrea's Wedding

I love these little sprouts, as I like to call them.  Each sprout is brought together with a small dot in the center.  Sprout designs like this are actually very easy to do and very quick as well. They are very popular in Arabic designs, and I am starting to see a lot more of these cute little buggers in contemporary and modern designs. 

Just hold the tip of your henna cone at the spot where your tallest sprout will be.  Then apply pressure and come down towards where your dot will be (draw the dot last though).  Decrease pressure as you come down towards the center to have a tapered end. 

The first spout will be the tallest sprout.  So do the same with the sprouts next to it.  The easiest way for me to apply this design is to start with the tallest sprout, then do one on each side of it.  This keeps my entire motif symmetrical and gives me a handle on how far down the motif should go.

Happy Henna-ing!