Workshop Wednesday Series on How to Take Better Photos of Your Henna

Last year, we featured an ebook that guided you into some basic things to do when taking photos of your henna.  The ebook featured 10 different tips and tricks to getting better photos.  The ebook is now available for a FREE download:  How to take better photos of your henna.

For the next few weeks, the Workshop Wednesday post will feature more tips to taking better photos of your henna.  At the end of our series, you will have the opportunity to download a PDF with tips and tricks from our ebook and Workshop series.

Here is a quick reminder of the things we went over in our ebook version. 

  1. use a decent camera 
  2. declutter your area
  3. take a photo of your design when it's dry
  4. get help from a friend to take self photos
  5. take pictures in lots of lighting
  6. turn off the flash
  7. don't get too close
  8. take high resolution photos
  9. hold still
  10. take lots of photos

Our Workshop Wednesday blog series will cover the following topics

  • Your photo’s message
  • Selecting backgrounds
  • Positioning your subject
  • Instagram tips for your henna photos
  • Simple photo editing for your shots

As always, enjoy and happy hennaing!