Faruqa's Bridal Henna

I met with Faruqa's mom last year at Sabrina's bridal henna party.  Her mom was stunned with the henna work I had done and was constantly wanting to ask questions about the work, although I was busy doing Sabrina's bridal.  Faruqa's mom got all the details about the bridal henna, as well as pricing and deposit information, and even went as far as asking for my personal cell phone number.  Although she had all this information, I was expecting a phone call a few weeks after Sabrina's bridal, but didn't hear from the mom.  As with many clients, I just thought, well, here is another lady who probably found someone else to do the work. 

Until about March of this year, I had completely forgotten about Faruqa's mom.  Then, in early April, I met with Faruqa and her mom at a local Starbucks for a bridal consultation.  It was during the consultation that her mom reminded me of Sabrina's bridal henna and that she was the lady asking all the questions. 

During my consultation with Faruqa, we went over designs that she liked.  She liked flowers, but did not want the whole design covered in floral motifs.  She liked the curls and curves, but wanted her bridal henna to be geometric.  She wanted a "graphic" henna design, similar to what Sabrina had gotten done the year before.  Without making it too, similar, Faruqa wanted her bridal design to be my favorite of the 2015 season, just as Sabrina's had been my favorite of the 2014 wedding season. 

To try to get back into doing bridal henna, after an almost year long hiatus, I started by practicing some geometric elements on the acrylic hand we have in stock.  Here is an image of the practice bridal design I did for Faruqa. 

With lots of geometric elements under my belt, I was ready to execute Faruqa's bridal henna.

As usual, we started with henna application on the feet.  This gives the bride some time to ease into the fact that she is having her bridal henna done.  This also gives her some time to finish up the last minute emails and texts, and to get the hectic organizing out of her system.  Starting with the feet also gives the bride some time to realize that her wedding is happening, and to become comfortable with this idea.  The application of bridal henna is a reminder in many henna cultures that this is a time for celebration! 

Faruqa's feet were done in a simple manner--just some floral and paisley elements, mixed in with a little bit of geometric elements. 

After the bling added on the feet, we moved on to the backs of the hands, followed by the palms. Everyone was "ooh-ing and aahh-ing" as each element of the bridal henna went on.  The best part about Faruqa was that she was a super still and calm person.  She sat still throughout her whole bridal session, and followed all of the advice I offered to the T. 

One of the other great things about this bridal henna, was that Faruqa's photographer for the whole thing was Haley, of Shandro Photgraphy--one of my favorite photographers in Edmonton.  Haley captured the graphic perfection of the henna and the simple beauty of the bride! 

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