One of our hottest moving items is our beginner DIY kit.  The kit includes almost everything you need to make your own paste.  Here is the tutorial for how to make the henna paste.  Instructions are included in the kit, along with design ideas.  We have also placed the link on the instructions for henna resources available for free download on our website:

First, get yourself a Beginner DIY Kit.  The instructions on how to make the henna paste are the same for every kit that you purchase.  Our Beginner DIY kit includes organic henna powder.

In addition to the kit, you will need a few basic supplies that you can hunt down in your home.  These include paper towels, spoons, bowl, plastic wrap/cling film,  sugar, and lemon juice. 

First, put the henna powder into a bowl.  Leave some henna powder in the bag just in case your henna paste is too runny.  Then add the 1.5 teaspoons of sugar to the henna paste.  Mix the dry ingredients together.

Slowly add the lemon juice and mix.  The henna will be a little "sticky" and will require a little bit of work to get it all mixed.  

Keep adding the lemon juice until you get to thick yogurt, pancake batter consistency.  You also have to keep mixing until all the lumps of henna powder have been mixed well.

 Not quite there yet... keep mixing until you cannot see any lumps.

Now you have a smooth paste with no lumps!  Add your essential oils at this time and mix again.  Make sure you mix well.  Scrape the sides of the bowl to save the henna paste from going down the drain.

Take a piece of cling film/plastic wrap, and cover the bowl.  Make sure your plastic wrap is touching the henna paste slightly.

Place a piece of papertowel on the layer of plastic wrap, and wrap again in the similar manner.  The paper towel will show you the dye release of the henna paste.  The paper towel should turn an orange shade when your paste is ready.

 You can also see if you have dye release by putting a dab of henna on your palm, close to your wrist.  Leave this on for 5 minutes then wash it off.  The stain should be a bright, pumpkin orange.  If you don't see a bright orange, let the henna paste rest a bit longer until you can get the pumpkin orange stain results.

Once you have full dye release, you are ready to put your henna paste into applicators (bottle or cones or storage bags).