How to Mix and Package Henna

Here is how to make the henna paste using the ingredients in the kit.  

For starters, let's begin with the supplies we will need (the stuff that we couldn't get into our little 5x5 inch bag).

  • 125 mL lemon juice (have a little bit more just in case)
  • 1.5 teaspoons of sugar (just white sugar is fine.  You can opt to go fancy and use brown sugar, organic sugar, or raw sugar)
  • A medium size bowl (glass, ceramic, or stainless steel) to mix the henna in (make sure this isn't a bowl from your finest China.  Keep this bowl aside for cosmetic use and try not to use it again for food purposes.)
  • A stainless steel spoon (why stainless steel?  Because it does not react with ingredients like aluminum or copper does.  If you cannot find a stainless steel spoon, use a plastic one, although investing in a stainless steel one is a plus)
  • Plastic wrap (no you don't need 305 m of plastic wrap.  Just enough to cover your bowl a few times.)
  • And of course the Beginner DIY kit!


FIRST empty the contents of the henna powder into your medium bowl.  Leave a little powder aside, just in case you need it later to adjust the consistency... keep reading to find out! 

SECOND add the sugar to the dry powder and mix it.  Dry ingredients first!

THIRD slowly add the lemon juice.  Don't add all of the 125 mL at the same time.  Just add a little and then mix.  Keep mixing until it gets to a nice and smooth texture.

The paste should be smooth without any lumps of powder.  The consistency should be that of thick pancake batter, or yogurt.  Something nice and thick, but not too thick.

Life up your spoon and if the paste takes a second to fall off smoothly, then you have the right consistency.  If the paste falls off right away as soon as you lift the spoon, your paste is too thin--add the henna powder to it to make it thicker.  If you paste does not fall off the spoon, or take more than 3 seconds to fall off, then your paste is slightly too thick--add more lemon juice to thin it out a little bit.

 You are almost done making the henna paste!  

Just add the 10 mL bottle of essential oils and mix again.  

 Now, cover your paste with plastic wrap touching the paste like the photo below:

Put a little piece of paper or paper towel on the plastic and then cover it again with another layer of plastic touching the first layer.

Now let your creation sit for 12 -24 hours.  That's when your paste will go through dye release and will be ready to use for body art.  

Give the paste a stir to make sure there are no lumps or bumps so you have smooth, silky paste.

Grab a small glass, cup, or container that you can use to fill your carrot bag (also included in the DIY kit).  The easiest way to fill a carrot bag (whether you are using it for henna or cake decorating or whatever your creative heart desires....) is to stretch it over a container and then use a spatula or spoon to pour your mixture into the bag.
Take your spoon or spatula (remember to keep them stainless steel or silicone) and pour your mixture into the carrot bag. 

It's much easier to do it this way instead of having to juggle around with a carrot bag and try to transfer your mixture.  We like using carrot bags for our henna paste because it is very easy to fill henna body art applicators (bottles or mylar cones).  SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM TO LEARN HOW TO FILL MYLAR CONES.

Take a pair of scissors and make a small cut at the bottom of the carrot bag.  Try not to make the hole too big, otherwise, the tip of the bag will not fit inside your squeeze bottle or mylar cone.
Squeeze the carrot bag from the top to fill up the bottle.
Put on the plastic top.  Click it into place, otherwise the henna paste will ooze out from the sides.
Place the metal tip on top.  With our Beginner DIY kit, we supply a 0.7mm metal tip.  This is an in-between size between too fine and thick.  

Now you are ready to apply henna!  Squeeze the bottle and the paste will come out from the tip. 
Be sure to clean out your bottle and tip thoroughly between each use!  Soak the tip in warm soapy water and then use a pipe cleaner or lots of water to rinse it clean.  ALWAYS store your bottle and metal tip in a clean state!  Never leave your squeeze bottle or tip dirty!  

First you want to gather your supplies: fresh henna paste, pre-rolled mylar cones, a carrot bag, and a small cup or glass.  Catch the tutorial for how to roll your own mylar cones here 
You can also buy pre-rolled mylar cones on our website.   

You want your cup or glass to be big enough to have the carrot bag fit over the rim, but not too big, otherwise your carrot bag will not fit properly.

Next, you want to pick up your bowl of henna paste and slowly and carefully pour the henna into the carrot bag.  The paste will be thick so you want to use your spoon to carefully push the paste into the carrot bag.  Depending on the size of your carrot bag, you may need to do this in two parts.  

 Once you have your carrot bag full, you want to carefully remove it from the glass/cup and make a small cut at the bottom of the bag.  This will let you press the paste into the mylar cones. 

You want to fill the mylar cones about 3/4 of the way to the top.  You need to leave the top 1/4 open so you can seal the cone eventually. 

Continue to fill all the mylar cones.  Once you fill each cone, place them standing up in the cup/glass. Leave the cones standing so that they do not start leaking from the open end.  Gravity will help push the paste down as you fill the other mylar cones.   Fill all the mylar cones until you are out of paste.

Now that you have all your mylar cones filled, it's time to seal them.  

Pick up one cone and using your pointer and middle finger, put the top of the cone between your fingers and push the paste down to the bottom.  

You are now ready to start sealing the cone.  

This all has to be done in one setting.  Take the top of the cone and fold it diagonally.  Do this to both sides.

Fold over both sides and you will see a triangle formed at the top.  You may have some excess mylar, which you can trim with scissors, or you can fold over again.  
You now want to roll the triangle over towards the paste.

Take a piece of tape,and stick it on the cone. You can lay the cone flat on your table or counter to help you with this part. Tape the free end of the tape and stretch it over the rolled part of the mylar. Pulling the tape taut will help keep a tight cone.4

Now you want to make sure that your cone is secured. You will apply two more pieces of tape. One piece, you will apply to the top of the cone, horizontally. Make this piece of tape long so that you are able to pull down on it.

On the free ends of the tape, pull down and stick to the side of the cone. Pull it taut so that you have a tight cone to work with. Do this on both sides of the cone. 
Finally, apply a piece of tape on the diagonal of the cone seam. This will ensure that you do not have leakage from the side of the cone. 

And you are done and ready to use your henna cone.
If you need to, make a small cut at the bottom of the cone. Make a small cut because if you make it too big, there is no going back!

Enjoy and Happy Hennaing!