Why You have to sign a Bridal Henna Contract

It's okay to be a Bridezilla, but it's NOT okay to screw over your bridal artist and mehndi artist. (We learned this from Sheena, and you can read all about it here: http://blog.hennaart.ca/2015/11/why-people-like-sheena-are-worst.html)

Sometimes, there are rules made for things that make you think, why would there be such a rule?  It's because sometimes, one person screws it over for everyone. 

So, while we would love to provide you with amazing, all inclusive henna services, you now HAVE TO sign an agreement for any type of wedding service, whether it's a simple mehndi party for ten people, or bridal henna, or a full on pithi or Sangeet celebration for over 200 people. 

Bridal contracts will include all your wedding details, mehndi party dates, times, addresses, payment information, and any other details pertaining to your event.  This agreement will hold us responsible for executing your mehndi celebration, so you aren't left hanging the last minute without artists.  This agreement will also cover our backs so we have payment from you in a timely manner, and so we don't get last minute cancellations from you. It will also include a clause stating that the contract is legal and binding.  It's a little it more paperwork that now has to be done by everyone, all because one person screwed it up for everyone. We don't want to have any clients like our 2015 bridezilla!