Using Henna Cones to Teach

Recently, we have touched on how great it is to be a henna artist.  You have access to your own henna paste anytime, so you can draw on yourself or friends on demand.  This also causes sometimes a severe case of Henna Selfies.

As a professional artist, you also have numerous opportunities to spread the word about natural henna, and henna body art not only by getting onto social media, but by also teaching workshops or hosting sessions.

We want to make this part of your job much easier, so you can spend more time henna-ing and doing things that you are passionate about.  Instead of spending hours rolling cones, making paste and filling the cones, why not order organic henna cones?  We have a wide selection of cones for you to choose from, including cones especially made for kids, pregnant women and chemotherapy patients.

Included now in our stock of cones is the option to order henna cones specifically for mini sessions, workshops or drop in sessions.  The Henna Workshop Cone Kit includes henna cones for 25 students.  Each kit includes the following:
  • 25 signature henna cones
  • 25 ingredient cards
  • 25 instructions and design ideas post cards
  • 25 clear, peel and stick cello bags

These cones ship flat, meaning, that we save time and money packaging and shipping these out, and pass along the savings to you!  When you receive your package, be sure to pop the cones into the freezer as soon as possible.  Then, you can use the packaging materials and card to make up a few sets of henna cones.  These sets are exactly what we use for our mini-workshops, and we even sell the cute little henna cone package at festivals, parties, and events (and online too)!

We just had a box of these shipped out to Victoria, British Columbia, and Ottowa, Ontario!  We are so excited to have this kit as part of our product line and hope to continue to grow the wholesale portion of our online store in 2016!

Happy Henna-ing!