Infinity Edges are all the Rage Part 2

Last year, we did a couple of great post on infinity edges.  You can read about how Infinity Edges are all the Rage Part 1 by clicking the photo below.

If you want to know how to do infinity edges, you may want to check out this tutorial on a super easy way to do infinity edges.  Click the photo below to learn how.

Although the Infinity Edge trend has slowly disappeared among other henna trends, we have not forgotten about the rage of the infinity edge.  

 The above desing shows a small portion of the infinity edge design.  It is a great way to fill in a space without making the design too cluttered.  The infinity edge is also a good way to create "lines" without actually putting down parallel lines with henna.

This design is similar to the design before where the infinity edge is used to fill in an area.  While this design was very curvy, the placement of the infinity edge design helps create a linear balance to the design on the palm.  (trend alert--positive-negative henna)

Instead of using the standard flower paisley repeating pattern on the feet, this design features the infinity edge.  The designs on the feet are similar but not duplicates.  Using the infinity edge here helps to create the mirror effect without having duplicate designs.  In addition, the infinity edge concept allows the artist to use multiple motifs and deign elements without any rhythm, which lets you be funky and creative.

Finally, you see another variation of the use of the infinity edge.  Instead of a straight line, this design features the infinity edge on a curve.   Don't worry if you still have not mastered the infinity edge, we will do a second tutorial on the infinity edge soon!