Bridal Henna Practice with Acrylic Hand Template

Acrylic hand templates are the best companion an aspiring or professional henna artist can have!  They are amazing to work with, and give a real idea of how your henna will work.  If you missed our previous article, read it here:  Practice with Acrylic Hand Templates and Fun with Templates

We recently had some fun doing bridal henna practice with the hand templates.

The Hand Templates are reusable acrylic material, making them environmentally friendly for henna practice, instead of wasting paper (unless, of course you are using recycling paper).  The templates are also a great way to use practice henna paste or old henna paste.  With the life size template, it's easy to practice motifs and see what they look like on a hand.  This means, you can sketch out whatever design you want, but use henna paste to see what the design looks like so you can have an idea of size and placement.  Using acrylic templates are also a great way to test the consistency and absorbancy of henna paste.  Since paper sucks in liquid, it's not the best way to test henna paste.  Instead, the templates let you figure out the consistency of the henna paste without having to put it on your own skin. 

If you have not gotten your hands on these templates, what are you waiting for?

You can purchase the following items here:

Acrylic Hand Template:
Acrylic Foot Template:
Practice Henna Paste: