Custom Henna Paste and Cones

The art of henna is beautiful and so much fun to take part in.  But along with doing henna, it's important that you have enough supplies (fresh henna paste) on hand in order to do all the henna you want.  Why hassle with henna powders, essential oils, cones and packaging?  Did you know that we now customize henna paste for the best henna experience?

Our custom henna cones and henna paste are the perfect options to have your preferred henna paste at your fingertips, with just a few clicks.  When you order your customized henna cones, you are able to choose EVERYTHING. 

First, you select your henna powder.  At this time, you can select from Organic henna powder (Raj henna), Jamila henna powder (Pakistani henna powder) or a 50/50 combination of the two powders.  The organic henna powder comes from India and tends to be more slimy and stretchier than that Jamila henna powder.  Jamila henna powder is super creamy to work with, and is perfect for beginners.  A combination of the two powders gives the right amount of elasticity from the Raj powder, and creaminess from the Jamila powder. 
Next, you select the essential oils you would like added to your paste.  We normally add about 20 mL of essential oils for every 100 gram batch of henna powder.  Depending on what essential oil you choose, the volume might be slightly less, but the potency just as strong.  The choice of essential oils we have are Cardamom, Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Organic Lavender, Niaouli and Tea Tree.  You can use any combination of essential oils or none at all.  All of these oils have high levels of terpinols, which is what helps make the henna stain dark.  We recommend using 1-3 essential oils in your custom paste. 

You can also choose what type of liquid you want in the henna.  You have the choice of lemon juice OR water.  While the use of lemon juice is a modern alteration in the world of henna, lemon juice has the acidity that henna requires for dye release, and also helps keep a longer shelf life compared to water.  Water, of course, is gentle for every type of skin and is the ideal liquid to use, especially if you are working with chemotherapy patients.  You have a choice of what liquid you want, but just ONE choice.  You don't want to mix water and lemon juice, because it messes up with the dye release time and makes your batch of henna a little big unstable.  So even if you are making your own henna at home, be sure to choose ONE liquid and stick with it.  It's much easier to work with and that way, you have stable results through and through.  Dye release with water (or brewed tea) is much shorted than that with lemon juice.  Water and henna mixes require 30 minutes to 2 hours of dye release, whereas lemon juice and henna mixes require about 4-12 hours of dye release.  All of this depends on the type of powder, temperature, and liquid you are using.  So instead of confusing yourself with all of these calculations, you can simply let us do the math and experimenting for you, so you can spend more time doing henna!

After you select your liquid, you get to choose what type of sugar you want in the paste.  You can choose from regular or organic sugar.  The sugar we use in the paste is just plain table sugar--nothing fancy, no syrups or honey to work with. 
The best part about these custom henna cones is the fact that you get to choose what type of applicator you want and the size of the cone.  You can choose from mylar cones or cello cones, or just have your paste in a big carrot bag.  You can also choose the size of your cone from being about 25 grams to small cones that are about 10-14 grams each.  A 100 gram batch of henna powder will give you about 10-12 regular cones (25 grams) and 20-24 mini cones (about 12 grams each).  .

 So, instead of working hard and pulling your hair out from mixing and coning henna, you can order your customized henna paste directly from our website.  The paste and cones are lovingly made with fresh henna powders, and steam distilled essential oils. 
Your custom henna cones can be as low as $26.00 for 10 cones!  (price subject to change, please check our website for current pricing).

Happy Henna-ing!

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