Quick Geometric Design Tutorial

This week's workshop post features a quick tutorial on a triangular design.  This design was especially done for a man very picky about the placement of his henna design.  He really wanted something bold but simple to cover his entire forearm. We suggested a tattoo inspired henna sleeve, but he wanted something that could be seen from a distance.  He kept saying, bold and big. 

Given that the area we had to work on was only his forearm, it took some brainstorming to come up with a design idea that would be big and bold, but simple.  On top of our brainstorming, his wife also wanted something that would compliment his design.  So, we had to come up with three different design ideas for this happy couple. 

We started the guy's design with a row of inverted triangles.  To make sure the triangles were all evenly spaced and sized, we roughly drew out the triangles with henna.  A lot of artists sketch out their design before going heavy with the henna paste. 

Once the triangles were spaced just right, we went on to darken the triangles.  

Next, we alternated the triangles and colored them in.  
He was super happy with this design.  But, didn't want the same thing on the other forearm.  So, again back to the drawing board.  The left forearm needed to have something just as bold, but not as big.  In keeping with the triangular theme, we opted to draw a large triangle with little triangles inside it.  
This was just enough boldness for him.  

To do something for his wife... we opted to keep the triangular theme, so they could be coordinating.  
For her, we created a similar triangle with small triangles inside.  Her design coordinated his very well, and was perfectly petite!