No more boring henna

As a henna artist, sometimes it gets super tiring to do the standard flower paisley motif.  Or even doing the most trendy design that has a million instagram likes, over and over again.  To be an artist and be given artistic freedom is the best thing to happen!  However, of course, sometimes, as a henna artist, you can get stuck in the henna rut, with repetitive patterns and designs. Let's face it, its easy to do what you are most comfortable with--mandalas, flower paisley repetition, or something similar. 

To get out of the henna rut, there are few things you can do. 

Get some new eBooks with fresh new designs
There are plenty of artists out there offering fresh new designs in eBook format.  We have lots of design books to offer, and for a limited time, you can get 50% off on any eBook purchase with coupon code OuttaRut.

Get inspiration from social media
Follow some of your favourite henna artists on Instagram or other social media and get inspiration from their stuff.  Here is an example of the infinity edge design and a reverse fill pattern.

Change up your go-to design with something fresh and inspiring.  
Instead of the flower paisley with swirl fill, change up your designs with a new filler, some dots or swirls all around or simply by changing your flower shape. 

Opt for a unique layout. 
Instead of the normal wrist to pointer design done at many large henna parties, opt for a different layout.  Try a more central layout, or skew your layout a bit with a thumb to pinky design. 

And if you are still stuck in a henna rut, then just take a break and go back to doing slow henna.