Bridal Progression Design 1

This week's workshop post features a bridal progression design with lots of intricate fillers and elements.  This progression is done on our hand template, but do take a minute to check out the bridal progression on a real bride

 Start this design with a flower.

Then, add in peacock and other floral details.

Then, add in the outlines for a band.  

Check out the details of this filler from our earlier workshop post:  Geometric Fillers Part 1.  Fill in the band with the filler. 

Go back to fill in the awkward space with some vines.

Then, outline the bottom of the band with a couple of rows of different sized scallops, and then prepare your next shape to be filled.

To keep things interesting, instead of outlining the half circle with scallops again, we added in a vine following the shape of the half circle.

Fill in the space with a floral filler.  This keeps things interesting since the top portion of this design has geometric fillers.  A vine adds the interest of both being geometric and floral at the same time.

Then outline the vine, and add in another half circle for another filler.

Prepare to fill in this half shape.  Check out the details of this filler from our earlier workshop post:  Geometric Fillers Part 2.  Fill in the half circle with a geometric filler.  Putting a geometric filler makes it interesting and breaks up floral filler next to it.   

 add in another band and fill it with a filler. While this filler was floral, ideally, a mix of floral and geometric filler would have been perfect.

We added in another vine against the previous band.  Then we outlined it before starting to fill in the fingers. 

The outline will serve as a guide to fill in the details of the fingers.

Fill in the shape created with a geometric filler.  Then add in a floral element to the fingers.  You will notice that the thumb is lonely and empty, but not to worry, we will fill this a little later.

Fill in the finger details with various elements.  The ring finger has a bold leave bunch.
 The middle finger has a vine and a similar leaf bunch.
 The thumb gets filled with a floral filler.

The bridal hand design is complete!