Infinity Edge Design step by step Part 2

The infinity edge design is a really fun and trendy design concept in the henna world.  Basically, the idea of having an infinity edge is to have a design that does not have actual lines applied, but the edges of the design strip have clear, harsh edges.  Does that make sense?

Let us show you what we mean.  The edges of the pretty Arabic style design on the left has soft edges, whereas the design on the right from our tutorial shows the harsh edges of the design.  
This week's tutorial will show you how to do the infinity edge in THREE ways.  We use pen and paper to demonstrate and leave the henna creation up to you.  For all the infinity edge designs, you want to start with applying small, light dots in henna to outline your edge.  Then, you want to go back to fill in the details for the design.

First, a simple Infinity edge, similar to the tutorial we did last year (

Second, an infinity edge on a curve, similar to this design

 Finally, we share a tutorial on doing an infinity edge motif in the tear drop shape, similar to the pregnant belly you see below: 

You can do the infinity edge in just about any shape you want.  Below you will see the infinity edge in a heart.

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