Infinity Edges are all the Rage Part 3

If you have been following our blog series on Infinity Edges, you have seen how infinity edges were so popular for henna designs in 2015.  This week we will share some more infinity inspired designs. 
You can go back to our tutorial on the infinity edge if you want to refresh that technique.  An easy DIY tutorial on the infinity edge, and THREE new ways to do the infinity edge.

Infinity edge designs are amazing because they give the distinct line formation without putting a line on the skin.  They also let you, as an artist, put together a conglomeration of design elements with no rhythm all while being completely coherent.  Instead of the normal flower paisley routine, infinity edges can be used to do a quick strip or "Bail" design at large parties or festival settings.  Below you will see two samples of infinity edge designs used at a party setting.

 When used in conjunction with other motifs, the infinity edge design can be dazzled up.  The designs below show the use of the infinity edge design, along with a line of leaves for a beautiful mehndi design layout.

Finally, Infinity Edges can be done in any shape!  Be sure to check out our tutorial on this here: